About Us


Our Story

Our family has been in the restaurant business for over 25 years, serving doner kebabs and other delicious Turkish and Mediterranean dishes. We wanted to bring our love for food and joining people together by opening a restaurant that represented our Turkish culture and unique cuisine.

Turkey is the only country that brings together three distinctive regions: the Middle East, Asia, and Europe. The Bosporus Bridge which stretches across the Bosporus strait in Istanbul, Turkey also connects to Europe and Asia, creating a connection between all three continents.

Much like the Bosporus Bridge, DonerG strives to bridge the gap of diversity through good food and good company.Currently, DonerG has two locations: Anaheim and Irvine. We hope to continue expanding and create more relationships.


Our Mission

Our mission is to use food as a platform for bringing all different kinds of people together. Food is a universal language because it is understood all over the world as a main source of nourishment. DonerG represents the idea that good food and good company fosters great relationships. To build lasting relationships with our patrons, we believe in serving in our customers what we would feed our family and friends- fresh, healthy and authentic food.

Our Values

If you don’t eat the food you cooked in your restaurant, don’t serve it. – Grandpa Aslan

Trust. Integrity. Authentic. Freshness. Perfection. Our values are as simple as that.

We believe that trust and integrity are the foundations for a successful restaurant, which is why we promise to make sure that the food we serve is not only delicious, but fresh and healthy. What makes DonerG authentic is not just our food, but the way we embody the Turkish culture and how we share those values with our customers. To ensure quality and freshness, we make everything made-to-order and get our ingredients from local vendors that we know and trust.

This is our recipe for perfection.

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